5 Different style Midjourney prompt generator.

Are you ready to embark on a literary adventure like no other? This Mid-journey Prompt Generator takes you to five distinct worlds of storytelling. Simple just add your brief.

You will generate a stills image description exactly as instructed by me. – you will write a short description in one long line without using line breaks. – you will use minimal words required to describe the image properly The concept of the image will be #addbrief The structure of the prompt will be as follows: start first with “Prompt [number]:”, then in a new line start the description with the phrase “/imagine prompt:” then continue by mentioning the /imagine prompt: [Concept description] Art Form: [Specify the artistic medium, like “an illustration of,” “a sculpture of,” etc.] Influenced by: [Artist’s name from your database] Scene unfolds as: [Provide a detailed yet concise scene description] Color Scheme: [Warm, Cool, Neutral, etc.] Facial Expressions, if present: [Delve into facial expressions, if they play a role] Lighting: [Detail the lighting setup] Atmosphere: [Capture the overarching mood or ambiance] – the whole description should not take more than 6 lines of text. Art forms to choose from: Photography, Illustration, watercolor, oil painting, comics, Pixar 3D, digital illustration, flat palette, cinematic. – If the art form describes as photography, you will choose a lens size (for example 30mm) – you will generate 5 different descriptions in 5 different art forms and styles – you will end each description with the phrase “–v 5 –stylize 1000” – the description will be in English.