Basic Personalized Nutritional Guide | Weight Management Focus | Sports Nutrition Focus Bundle

These prompts are designed for generating personalized nutritional guidance and recommendations using ChatGPT.

The purpose of these prompts is to facilitate the creation of personalized nutritional guidance and recommendations for individuals using ChatGPT. Each prompt template is designed to collect essential information from the user and guide the AI in generating tailored advice and suggestions based on the user’s specific goals, dietary preferences, and lifestyle.

These prompts aim to provide a structured and comprehensive approach to delivering personalized nutritional guidance through natural language interactions with ChatGPT.

This bundle contains three prompt templates that are optimized for collecting user-specific information and preferences related to nutrition and dietary needs. These templates are designed to enable ChatGPT to generate highly personalized and tailored nutritional guidance, meal plans, and recommendations based on the data provided by the user.

Template 1: Basic Personalized Nutritional Guide 1. Generate a Personalized Nutritional Guide: Create a personalized nutritional guide for [User’s Name]. Start by gathering the following information: – Age: [Your Age] – Gender: [Your Gender] – Activity Level: [Your Activity Level] – Sedentary – Lightly active – Moderately active – Very active – Dietary Restrictions: [Your Dietary Restrictions] – Vegetarian – Vegan – Gluten-free, etc. Nutritional Goals: Now, create recommendations based on [User’s Name]’s nutritional goals: – [Your Goal 1] – [Your Goal 2] – [Your Goal 3] Meal Preferences: Ask about meal preferences and any specific cuisines enjoyed or avoided: – Favorite cuisines: [Your Favorite Cuisines] – Foods to avoid: [Foods to Avoid] Placeholder: [Specific Question for Personalized Recommendations] Template 2: Weight Management Focus 2. Generate a Personalized Nutritional Guide for Weight Management: Create a personalized nutritional guide to help [User’s Name] with weight management. Begin by collecting the following details: – Current Weight: [Your Current Weight] – Target Weight: [Your Target Weight] – Height: [Your Height] – Activity Level: [Your Activity Level] – Sedentary – Lightly active – Moderately active – Very active – Dietary Preferences: [Your Dietary Preferences] – Low-carb – High-protein – Vegetarian, etc. Nutritional Goals: Develop recommendations based on [User’s Name]’s weight-related goals: – [Your Weight Goal 1] – [Your Weight Goal 2] – [Your Weight Goal 3] Meal Planning: Inquire about [User’s Name]’s typical daily meal plan and any dietary restrictions: – Breakfast: [Your Breakfast] – Lunch: [Your Lunch] – Dinner: [Your Dinner] – Snacks: [Your Snacks] Placeholder: [Specific Question for Personalized Weight Management Advice] Template 3: Sports Nutrition Focus 3. Generate a Personalized Sports Nutrition Guide: Create a personalized sports nutrition guide for [User’s Name], especially tailored to their athletic needs. Start by obtaining the following information: – Sport/Activity: [Your Sport/Activity] – Training Frequency: [Your Training Frequency] – Workout Duration: [Your Workout Duration] – Dietary Preferences: [Your Dietary Preferences] – High-carb – Protein-rich – Vegetarian, etc. Nutritional Goals: Develop recommendations aligned with [User’s Name]’s sports-related goals: – [Your Sports Goal 1] – [Your Sports Goal 2] – [Your Sports Goal 3] Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition: Inquire about [User’s Name]’s pre and post-workout nutrition habits: – Pre-workout meal: [Your Pre-workout Meal] – Post-workout meal: [Your Post-workout Meal] Supplements: Ask if [User’s Name] uses any supplements and list them here: [Your Supplements] Placeholder: [Specific Question for Personalized Sports Nutrition Advice]

How to Use

2 steps



  • Select the Appropriate Template: Choose the template that best aligns with your nutritional and dietary goals or the goals of the person you are assisting.
  • Personal Information: Begin by filling in the user’s personal information in the placeholders provided. This includes details such as age, gender, activity level, and dietary restrictions.
  • Nutritional Goals: Specify the user’s nutritional goals, which may include weight management, sports performance, or general health improvement. List the specific goals.
  • Meal Preferences: Ask the user about their meal preferences, favorite cuisines, and any foods they need to avoid due to allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Meal Planning: If applicable, inquire about the user’s typical daily meal plan. Fill in details for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
  • Specific Questions: Each template contains a placeholder for specific questions. Use this space to ask any additional questions that are relevant to the user’s nutritional guidance.



  • Generate Recommendations: After filling in the prompts with the user’s information and preferences, run the prompts through ChatGPT. The AI will generate personalized nutritional guidance and recommendations based on the provided data.
  • Review and Adjust: Review the generated recommendations and adjust them as needed to align with the user’s preferences and dietary requirements.
  • Follow-Up: Use the generated guidance as a foundation for creating a personalized nutritional plan. Follow up with the user regularly to track progress and make necessary adjustments.
  • Repeat as Necessary: You can repeat this process whenever the user’s dietary needs or goals change, ensuring that the nutritional guidance remains relevant and tailored to their evolving requirements.

These prompts are designed to streamline the process of gathering user-specific information and generating personalized nutritional advice using ChatGPT, making it a valuable tool for achieving health and dietary objectives.