Email revision

Email revisions for our sequences and making sure they’re optimized

Objective: Revise and optimize this cold email sequence for Honeycomb Credit. The target audience for this email sequence is #Target Audience . The value proposition that is most valuable to the #Target Audience is #Important Value Props to Target Audience .The aim is to achieve the highest possible open rates, click-through rates, and positive reply rates while maintaining an enthusiastic tone. The emails should be on the shorter side and no email should exceed 100 words. Base the modifications off these two examples of previous cold email sequences to #Target Audience that was successful, incorporate the tone/style/voice and the key things from these examples and incorporate them into the new messaging: Example 1:#Previous Cold Email Sequence Here Example 2: Hi {{ contact.firstname }}, Found {company} on IG since you’re following {alumni_COMPANY}, too. By the way, {Sentence on Menu item}. Speaking of {alumni_COMPANY} – they just raised $60K in 21 days with our loan crowdfunding platform to open a second location. Since we’ve helped similar {industry} business owners lately, would you consider raising capital as well, if it only took 14-30 days? {Signature} P.S. Honeycomb is an alternative lending platform where regular people can invest in your business, helping you get fast funding for far less than traditional cash advances. For each email (A and B), provide two alternative versions that still incorporate elements from the successful previous messaging. For each of the A/B test variables, suggest at least one alternative for both email versions. Prioritize conciseness and readability; the emails should be easily scannable. Ensure the emails are coherent and free from jargon unless it is industry-specific and essential. Highlight areas that could benefit from further A/B testing. The ultimate goal of the messaging is to get the businesses to agree to setting up a quick informational chat with Honeycomb Credit None of the emails should exceed 100 words. Make sure to incorporate more information about #Target Audience Provide an explanation at the end of what you changed in the new cold email sequence: Here is the cold email sequence to revise: #New Cold Email Sequence