Prompt Bundle: NutriPlanner – Personalized Meal Plans and Recipes

These prompt templates are designed for creating highly customized and versatile meal plans, recipes, and dietary recommendations using ChatGPT. They are particularly useful for individuals who have specific calorie goals, dietary preferences, restrictions, and nutritional requirements, ensuring that the generated content is tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

Whether you’re looking for balanced meal plans, low-calorie recipes, or personalized meal planners, these templates can assist in generating valuable and relevant culinary suggestions.

This bundle contains three comprehensive and versatile prompts for meal planning and recipe suggestions based on calorie requirements and dietary preferences.

1. Balanced Meal Generator
Generate a balanced meal plan for [calorie range] calories that includes [number of meals] meals and [dietary preferences] preferences. Ensure each meal consists of [percentage of macronutrients] macronutrients. Include a variety of [food group] foods for a well-rounded diet. Additionally, consider [allergies or intolerances], and [special dietary requirements] in the meal plan.


2. Low-Calorie Recipe Finder
Find me [number of recipes] low-calorie recipes under [calorie limit] calories each. I prefer [cuisine type] cuisine. Please include ingredients that are [dietary restrictions] and consider [special dietary preferences or goals].


3. Customized Calorie-Based Meal Planner
I need a calorie-based meal plan for [number of days] days with a daily calorie intake of [daily calorie goal]. Please include [number of meals per day] meals per day and make sure to incorporate [food group preferences] foods for each meal. Additionally, consider [hydration needs], [vitamin or mineral requirements], and [meal timing preferences].