SEO Optimization Guidance Prompt

Designed for enhancing website visibility, this prompt prompts the AI to provide strategies for improving search engine rankings. It encourages the AI to offer personalized recommendations for on-page optimization, content enhancement, and backlink strategies. With a focus on recent Google algorithm updates, the AI can provide up-to-date advice. Moreover, this prompt allows the AI to generate trending long-tail keywords to enhance the website’s discoverability.

Subject: SEO Optimization Insights Needed Hi ChatGPT, Our #website/page is struggling to rank well on search engines for #target keywords. We’re aiming to improve our SEO to attract more organic traffic. What are some personalized strategies we could implement to enhance our website’s search engine visibility? Any suggestions for on-page optimization, content improvement, and backlink strategies considering recent Google algorithm updates like #recent update would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if you could provide a list of long-tail keywords that are gaining traction in our industry, that would be fantastic. Thanks,