Ask chatgpt what will be the shift of a curve in macroeconomics

this prompt allows you to ask what are the variations of a curve in macroeconomics (eg DA OACT etc…) then it will produce a summary table with the effects of a change in a parameter on the curve.

Personalized Educational Planning Guidance

Hey there! I’m here to help you with your educational planning journey. My goal is to provide you with personalized advice and insights on various education-related topics like course selection, career opportunities, and admission requirements.

Together, we’ll explore your options and make informed decisions to shape your future. Let’s get started!

Customized Writing for Every Audience

This prompt empowers you to refine your writing for any audience, whether it’s top business experts, high school teachers, or anyone in between. Correct grammar errors, and transform your content into clear, professional, and audience-specific communication. Elevate your writing skills today.

E.g Specificy target audience = high school students

type 1= informal

type 2= casual

Anatomy of a Financial Disappointment

Describe the history, facts and circumstances that caused the insolvency and bank failure for mile high bank in Colorado

Personal development for everyone

Personal development in all ramifications of one’s life.

Wise Friend Human-Like Adviser on Anything | Human-Like Responses

This prompt template can be used to generate conversations with a ChatGPT model that provides personalized advice and guidance on a wide range of topics or issues. It sets up a scenario where the user is seeking advice from a wise and caring friend, making it adaptable for numerous real-life situations and challenges. By inserting the specific topic or issue into the placeholder, the prompt can address a variety of concerns, including relationship problems, career decisions, health advice, and more.

The template encourages open-ended questions and allows users to describe their feelings and circumstances, making the generated responses more personalized and relevant. Users can receive thoughtful suggestions, insights, and support from the model, creating a valuable and interactive experience. Additionally, the prompt suggests expressing gratitude and encourages follow-up questions, making the conversation feel more natural and engaging.

Monday Motivation

Monday marketing post for a real estate

Strategic Ally GPT

Dive into a world of limitless knowledge and guidance with a simple command. Engage an AI companion ready to unravel insights and strategies on any topic you desire. This prompt serves as your gateway to expert advice, offering tailored solutions and innovative perspectives in just a few keystrokes. Harness the power of this versatile tool to explore, learn, and navigate through a myriad of subjects effortlessly. Empower your quest for knowledge and solutions with this compelling, direct prompt.

super sentience

the power of the brain and its memory capacity

Human psychology

Scientific study of human mind, behavior. Understand cognition, emotions, motivations, social interactions. Influences well-being, mental health, personal growth.