What is a sandbox algorithm? How to get out of the document box?

Sandbox algorithm is one of the most important algorithms of Google. It was first discovered in 2004 by many SEOs.

Websites are created on a daily basis based on goals, but after a while, these sites are not able to continue their activities in the management of these websites due to the problems that occur to them, so the content of such sites is completely It is not old and out of date, so it is said that these websites may be removed from the Google directory after a period of inactivity.

In the previous article, we talked in detail about the Rank Brain algorithm. Then join the tarahno to take a closer look at the Sandbox algorithm.


How does the sandbox algorithm work?


If we want to have a precise definition of this algorithm, we will first define the sandbox with an example.

For example, when you search for a book on a search engine, after you search for the word “book” on Google, you will get results in the shortest possible time. Do not know the ones that are being established. For example, 20 book shopping sites may have been established this week.

But in order to buy the book you want, you first choose a site that has results closer to the type of book you have. Created a sandbox algorithm among users to display the best selections for users while searching.


What does the sandbox algorithm do?

After the creation of the sandbox algorithm by Google in 2006, some SEO experts did not know about this algorithm, but after a short time, they realized what the function of this algorithm is.

To best illustrate, we redefine it with an example. If we consider the Google directory and its search engine as the Earth, the websites in which it is created are considered as the continents of the Earth. The newly established websites are an island of these continents.

Immediately after the websites are established, Google removes these types of websites from the search engines using the sandbox algorithm. After Google used this algorithm, any information that these websites have Put in their sites does not rise in Google searches.

What are the benefits of creating a sandbox algorithm by Google?

After the establishment of the Sandbox algorithm, many SEOs responded positively to Google with messages.

There are important benefits to using a sandbox algorithm:

Prevents users from entering newly established websites.
Using a document box allows users to see the closest results after searching in search engines, which perfectly shows websites that are fully validated by Google and experienced and old.


What is the reason for being in the sandbox algorithm?

Many new webmasters wonder why we are in the sandbox. In answer to this question, it should be said that Google puts new and emerging websites in these islands to see if these websites continue to operate in any field in which they operate or not. As mentioned above, the sandbox algorithm has advantages. These benefits are very useful for Internet users, but may be a little annoying for webmasters, because after being placed in the sandbox, the information of these websites in the search engine and The atmosphere does not show results.


What can we do to get out of the sandbox algorithm?

To exit the Google closed environment or the same as the Sandbox algorithm, you must have the following functions:

Activity daily and update content
Try to get backlinks from websites whose domain value is high.
Create user accounts for your activities on social networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn and..
Instead of using short keywords, use longer or long tail keywords.
Try not to use black hat SEO, ie buying backlinks, after establishing your website.
Do not forget to produce your content alternately and in tandem.
Given the Panda algorithm, try not to fill your website with keywords.
After generating content, you need to do the link building between your content, ie internal linking, properly.
It takes about a month or three to get out of the sandbox algorithm, depending on your activity.


Once you have done the above activities and received no response, you can get help from the specialized team of the tarahno.


What is the reason for naming the sandbox algorithm?



Once you reach the legal age and you have succeeded in obtaining a license, after you have obtained your license, your parents will not allow you to drive on roads connected to cities, driving for You are quite dangerous on city roads.

Google is just like your parents so that you do not endanger your life, the lives of those around you and other cars. Google hides you from its directory and puts your website in boxes that are secretly hidden. You can continue your activity in a short time.


How do we know our website is in the sandbox algorithm?


To find out if your website is in the sandbox, you can refer to your console search settings. Is.

I hope you enjoy this article to the fullest. I also suggest you read the article Mobile First Index algorithm.

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