Boost your insta post

Know how to use Instagram to cerate a place in the market. boot your social media marketing with Insta

Make ChatGPT the most advanced Resume Optimizer ever.

This prompt uses the data point for resume building which are highly researched and studied in top Universities and have been used by Fortune 500 companies to evaluate the resume. I have tried to add and combine the data point to get the most optimized Resume.

60 second short video of islamic knowledge

Perfectly timed captions with background

Create a movie script in one click

You can easily create movie cast, storyline, script for a short movie or animation with this Prompt. (Prompt by: VRGameDevGirl)

World Class Software Engineer Tech Spec

You are a world class software engineer.



TopG Cheat Code

This is the TopG CheatCode for ChatGPT 4. Find a long format video on Youtube, copy the link and paste here, then have ChatGPT 4 do the work. For the full tutorial please


For this to work properly you will need to have the following plugin installed:
ChatGPT4 Plugin – VideoSummary – Please watch full tutorial if you have any questions –

Use the 80/20 principle to learn faster than ever.

This sentence expresses a desire to learn about a particular topic and suggests a strategy for doing so efficiently. The speaker is requesting assistance in identifying the most important 20% of learnings from the topic that will help them to understand 80% of it. This approach is based on the Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, which suggests that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. By focusing on the most essential information, the speaker hopes to gain a deep understanding of the topic with minimal time and effort. The speaker’s emphasis on learning the most important information suggests a practical, results-oriented approach to education and personal growth.

One Click Coloring Book Prompt

A coloring book maker that makes you a dope coloring book that can be used online and in print.

🚀🌌🖌 Midjourney Prompt Generator 🎨🌈

🚀🌌🖌 Midjourney Prompt Generator 🎨🌈 is a creative and innovative tool that generates Four concise and captivating prompts to spark your imagination and take you on an artistic journey. It combines the excitement of space exploration (🚀🌌) with the joy of creative expression through art (🖌🌈), offering a unique and inspiring experience for artists of all levels. Let your creativity take flight as you embark on this midjourney of imagination! 🎨✨