Affiliate marketing tutorial

I will build automate you a website with results, and everything.


Choose a Niche

Identify niches that interest you and have a demand in the market. Consider factors like audience size, competition, and profitability. Choose one you have some knowledge on.


Select Affiliate Products

Choose products that resonate with your target audience and offer value. Products that solve problems or fulfill needs tend to perform well.

Go to digitalstore24 and choose a product and then put that link in your bio Instagram.


Create Website/page

you can either use WordPress to do it yourself or got to and pay someone to do it for you.


Gain an online presence.

Create high quality content using A.I to make content creation a lot faster and easier.



Use analytics tools to monitor the performance of your affiliate links. Identify which products are generating clicks, conversions, and revenue.

Go to for this.

It will track the number of sales and clicks you get.